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Sample Cover Letter For University President

Vice President Cover Letter

Vice Presidents play executive roles in a variety of organizations, such as corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions, and governments. They are usually responsible for one or more departments and complete duties such as supervising daily operations, monitoring employee performance, collaborating with other departments, reporting to the president, implementing strategic plans, supporting organization goals, recommending tactics, and managing staff.

An eligible cover letter sample for the Vice President position should concentrate on the following skills and qualifications:

  • Leadership
  • Managerial skills
  • Excellent organizational and communication abilities
  • Computer competences
  • Business acumen
  • Resourcefulness
  • An eye for details
  • Financial skills
  • Self-confidence and presentation abilities
  • Time management

Comparable Vice President job assets can be consulted in the example cover letter displayed below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Vice President Resume Samples.

Dear Ms. Harris:

With the enclosed resume, I would like to express my strong interest in the Vice President position you have available. As an accomplished and successful executive with extensive leadership experience in the business sector, I possess a breadth of knowledge and experience that will enable me to drive the success of your company.

My expertise lies in leading corporate development efforts, operational strategies, and improvement initiatives to achieve defined goals and expand market share. Through my experience, I have become adept in overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. My additional success in team building, motivation, and leadership positions me to make a significant contribution to your organization.

The following achievements demonstrate my qualification for this position:

  • Conceptualizing and implementing strategic initiatives to propel the achievement of corporate goals and objectives, drive multimillion-dollar revenue increases, and expand business development opportunities.
  • Leveraging dynamic talents in logistical management, operational direction, resource forecasting and allocation, and regulatory compliance to enhance organizational performance, while concurrently innovating and implementing key process improvements to boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Demonstrating top-flight staff recruitment, training, and management talents while propelling corporate profitability and productivity through dynamic program management, problem-solving, and communication abilities.
  • Earning an MBA degree from the University of Wyoming in 2013.

With my proven dedication to optimizing corporate success, along with my acute ability to excel within challenging, objective-focused environments, I am prepared to contribute immensely to the success of your company as your next Vice President.

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Janice D. Bechtel

President Cover Letter


For the job of president in a profit or nonprofit organization, you are required to apply with a president cover letter. The main reason behind the importance of a cover letter is that it carries a personal touch and with a personal touch, you can easily persuade the reader to learn more about you. It will also help to distinguish yourself and highlight your professionalism in the simplest words possible.

As a director in any organization, you hold the highest degree and stand responsible for every activity of the organization. The exact job responsibilities for a president depend on the organization he works at. For example, a director of a university assesses the teaching methodology, evaluates performance of staff, conducts staff meetings, defines and revises policies and practices, etc. On the other hand, the director in a company has to enhance productivity of a particular or all departments through leadership, motivation, regular brainstorming, and training while maintaining the highest standards of quality and discipline.

How to write a President Cover Letter

You need to think twice and act wise while writing a cover letter for the position of president. First of all, go through the standard format and never change the order of information followed in this format. Once done with the format, enlist the skills, experience, academic qualifications and any achievements that you feel are necessary to be informed to the person in-charge of recruitment. Summarize these details, jot down this summary and correct all the grammatical, factual or typographical mistakes. Still confused? Read the following samples and you will understand everything clearly.

Sample President Cover Letter

Sample One

James K. Tedder
3079, Caldwell Road,
New Orleans,
Louisiana 56230,
United States,

Date: December 5, 2011

Janet J. Brennan
Hiring Manager
Human Resource Department
Kroner Corporation,
New Orleans,
Louisiana 56230,
United States

Dear Ms. Brennan,

I want to join your organization and fulfill the requirement of President as advertised on Jobs Courier dated December 4, 2011. I hold more than twenty years of experience in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector and to associate with your organization will only enhance my experience as a professional.

I previously worked at Milton Industries in Baton Rouge as an Area Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Cluster Head and finally as a Vice President. I climbed the vertical ladder of hierarchy in this organization within twelve years before I shifted to New Orleans. I joined Armstrong Associates as a Vice President and working here for the last eight years.

My vast experience, in-depth knowledge of FMCG industry and leadership skills will definitely bring in fruitful results for your organization. Kindly allow me to appear for an interview as and when you feel to schedule one. I am grateful and eagerly waiting for a positive response.

Sincerely yours,
James K. Tedder


Photocopies of excellence awards

Sample One

Paul L. Hinkle
431, Fairfax Drive,
New Jersey 72430,
United States

Date: December 12, 2011

Nicole J. Purdy
Recruitment Executive
Human Resource Department
Lovett Industries,
New Jersey 72438,
United States

Dear Ms. Purdy,

I learnt that you are looking for a candidate to work in the position of President in your organization. I am highly interested to work in this position and for your organization due to the reputation it holds in the state. Please go through this application and the documents enclosed together with this application.

I worked as an Assistant to Vice President and subsequently as the Vice President in my previous job at Hefner Inc. Currently I am working as a President at Brainer InfoTech and completed eight years in this organization. I have contributed significantly in the progress and expansion of the organization's business areas. I have been able to acquire new territories and clients in the neighboring states and my vision for development has been shared and adapted by other employees as well.

I am an excellent leader and orator who can easily influence fellow workers with positive thoughts and energy. My knowledge and passion will be an asset for your organization.

Please let me know whether I can appear for an interview by telephone or e-mail. I am thankful to you and will appreciate a positive response.

Sincerely yours,
Paul L. Hinkle


Always think of the employer and the responsibilities of the particular position you apply for. It will give you a clear picture as what to include in the president cover letter to make it effective and informative simultaneously.

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