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Wasting Time On Facebook Essay Titles


        Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and used daily by millions of people around the world. The sophisticated of nowadays technologies make everyone can use Facebook anywhere, anytime and without any limit. This situation have give negative effect to the Facebook users, which is they are wasting their precious time on Facebook. Therefore, I agree that Facebook is just a waste of time because users will spend a lot of time on Facebook by doing unbenificial activities, users might be involve in cyber crime and their family relationship become strained.

        First and foremost, by using Facebook without any limit will cause Facebook users spend a lot of their precious time on Facebook by doing unbenificial activities such as stalking people’s pictures, chatting about unnecessary thing, playing games and flirting and mostly,this happens to the teenagers or students. The students who are very engrossed into Facebook activities will lack of sleep and will not have a poper eating habits. They also might forget to perform prayer. As a result, they will become pasif or can not focus in class and they will feel tired to join group discussion or activities.

Secondly, another effects that caused by using Facebook without any limit was the students might be involved in the cyber crimes such as stalking other people information, hacking and phishing. As we know, people who involve n cyber crimes will have unsettle life, because they might become criminals or victims of cyber crimes. For the example, when the students have been involved in the crimes, it will cause them become stress and having an emotional problems. As a conclusion, they will not be able to focus on their study.

Lastly, facebook can caused  family relationship become strained when family members spend too much time on facebook, it will reduce the time that they will spend together among them. There are a lot of families having a scenario which is the family members too involved in chatting on Facebook with other person rather than face to face with their family. As example, when a family having a dinner, every family members busy chatting with their friends on Facebook by using their gadgets. This problem shows that there will be less interactions between them. As a result, they will must be able to know about each other.


At my sister's constant suggestion, I finally, semi-reluctantly, joined Facebook. The emotional rollercoaster of a marriage with the site lasted exactly 48 hours. I set up my profile in a very unpretentious way. No pic of me in shades and a t-shirt with something cool on it but instead my choice of pic being one of me posing with backpack over my shoulders first day of 3rd grade circa 1979. It got some laughs and an 'oh you look so cute' response. Was all good and funny. Also upon listing my favorite movies I listed very many including ones who I knew would raise eyebrows and generate some laughs. But in the end, there always is SOME ego in setting up a profile and me basically showing off my wide range in musical taste a la John Cusack/High Fidelity by practially putting my entire CD collection under 'favorite music' is the perfect example.

Had some fun with the site at first starting off friending my sister of course, then a couple of her friends, then a few of my friends, relatives, excoworkers, etc. I made it up to about 15 friends (no quotes around that word) by the time I bailed. Facebook is definitely a strange, surreal, addictive site. Perhaps only for those who can still maintain a real social life OFFline (and my sister DOES have a life offline). With ME, however (and having quite an addictive streak to begin with) I already was seeing myself lured into this site's 'tractor-beam' mind you. When I was out, when I was at work, I would always be thinking hard about who may have found and 'friended' me or put something on my wall or responded to something on my wall. Was so wishing I had internet on my cell which thank God I DON'T have. Even at home I found myself running into my room (computer) during a commercial while watching TV and knowing the show was back on yet still waiting a minute or so to return to the living room. I even on two occasions during this very brief stint turned my computer off only to turn it back on a half an hour later 'just to see'.

And then there's the whole psychological aspect of this site that resembles a distorted, mutated version of an elementary, middle, high school, and every other phase of your life reunion all rolled into one injected with steroids. And what I didn't even mention yet was all those people (and there ARE a lot) from my past who I haven't seen in awhile and would like it KEPT that way! And out of all of them it was only a matter a time that some of them would actually have the gall to 'friend' me. I'd basically be a 'sitting-duck'! Not having the greatest guilty-conscious these days but still needing plenty of work in that department nonetheless, how the hell DO you 'politely' reject a friend-request on this site?? In many cases I certainly WOULDN'T be 'the bad guy' for doing so but why not AVOID being put in such a position ahead of time? Each of the few friends I had on the site at the time of departure were indeed real friends (well, there was one who I never really got to formally meet, only ever really saw her when she was practically a baby, but she did 'friend' me first and she certainly IS cute) but I guess it would have seemed like me and these friends being the Green Zone in Iraq only to every now and then get hit by a scud missile - that SCUD being the friend-request by 'douchebag of Christmas past'.

This site certainly has a way of bringing back past insecurities as well as ego from when you were a teenager or any other phases(s) of your past. Be it me getting a bit giddy when that cute girl mentioned in previous paragraph 'friended me first' or being a bit hurt when some of those whom I myself friended didn't respond. I was only on the damn site for 48 hours, maybe they didn't get my message because they just didn't check their email nor were on the site in that time!' (my point exactly!)

Yes, I think that just about covers why I abruptly 'left the herd'. The appointment with my councelor the next day you would NEVER GUESS what I spoke of 45 out of the 60 minutes I was there. Definitely a surreal experience. Cell phones didn't shock me when they came out, the internet itself didn't shock me when it came out either, but FACEBOOK? Man, I am STILL in future-shock over this one. I would certainly HOPE that the future as to how we interact with one another isn't through this or such a site like this. I got ENOUGH holes in my social life offline to begin with! And now I'm supposed to 'make-up' for this via THIS SITE? No thanks. Heck, the anxiety/prostractination that prevented me from ever trying out, say, a dating-site has now all but dissolved. I think I WILL now go about using that as another means in meeting women. Thank you Facebook for making that seem a luxury now. Like Yahoo Instant-Messaging (which I do quite often with my sister already) a dating site now in my mind is considered a GOOD internet social device. There definitely are plenty of good, intelligent, otherwise outgoing people who are apart of Facebook and who don't overconsume themselves in it, but it's just not for my psyche/constitution. Was kind of like that 'Get A Life' episode when Chris Elliot married Debra Shelton, had a full bodied marriage, then divored her all in a one day period. Only for me, it was a two-dayer.

All that said, I still kind of miss the site and still kind of wish I never erased my profile and left in the first place, lol. But it's kind of like leaving a party abruptly without saying goodbye to your friends making an insecure douchebag out of yourself - you're not going to return to the party, you're just going to keep on walking. And that's what I plan on doing with this site. Those real friends will still be there. FACEBOOK IS NOT LIFE! Or at least I HOPE it does not become that. Peace.

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