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Expository Essays On Careers

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Career Comparative Essay

Ever since i was born I had a knack for being creative either with my hands, doing arts and crafts, or making music. I was able to find three careers that suited my creative abilities and personality: electronic engineer, director, and a musical composer.

After doing some research on these careers over the topics of salary, flexibility, talents i should Composer, because I am well rounded musically and have always been interested in creating music. The chart below notes all of the criteria that I believe to be important for choosing a career.

CriteriaElectronic EngineerDirectorComposer
FlexibilityFlexible on weekends, regular work scheduleRegular work hours, unless working on a project for extended periodsWorks on own time, very flexible
TalentsLogical thinking

Mechanical screens

Observational skills

Problem solving skills

Writing skills

Communication skills


Leadership skills

Management skills

Play music

Write music

(opt.) Conduct


Colleges/ProgramsTexas A&M

UT Tyler

University of Phoenix

Art Institutes

Boston University

Cornell University

Full Sail University

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Cornell University

Stanford University

AdvancementsCan move on to larger projects like working for microsoft, or appleCan move on to major motion pictures, documentaries etc.Becoming better known, and possibly famous, working for stars

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/ooh/  29 October 2014

After studying the chart, an electronic engineer has the median income of $57,850 yearly. There are also certain talents and abilities required like logical thinking, mechanical screens, observational skills problem solving and writing skills. I have always been able to work with technology and in some cases figure out certain functions for my parents; I believe that this could further my skills and making my career more enjoyable. Colleges like Texas A&M, UT Tyler, and Boston University provide the necessary classes needed for an electronic engineer, and with a growth in the technology industry, there is always a need for an electronic engineer working with computer components; with job hours like the regular seven to five schedule and free weekends. Electronic engineers also have the chance and multiple opportunities to move onto bigger projects like working with Apple, or Microsoft. With all the present information, I believe that an electronic engineer would be a career that I could pursue and be happy in my choice.

Although when it comes to being a director, it has the highest possible income with$71,350 yearly, with opposite criteria of talents needed in directing like those of communication skills, creativity, leadership, and management skills, which differs from the logical thinking and processing of an engineer. With the courses needed to be a director offered at the same colleges with a few others like the Art Institutes that primarily focus on the specific courses like film study, writing, and acting. While directors have no set schedule, it can be easy to work around, although a director can be brought into a major project. Some directors have the opportunity to move on to a bigger project like movies. I had always been interested in writing my own stories and I have been acting for seven years. I had always wondered what it would be like on the other side of the script by writing my own shows or movies, thus I had the desire to become a director.

Though both of these careers interests me, I would prefer to pursue a career in composing  because if fits my creative abilities, and offers a promising future.

I have been involved in music since I was in sixth grade being involved with band and choir; I had always seemed to take pride in both of these even if i was just beginning to learn how to play the music. I had developed a true love for music at eighth grade when I had furthered my skills on my saxophone and skills in my singing and now I dream to pursue a career in music. With a composer that is a clinician the maximum pay is $47,350 yearly, but a composer that makes popular music like pop it varys. All the courses needed for a composer can be provided at colleges like Full Sail University,  Cornell University, and Boston University with courses that can help a composer like taking music theory classes, or classes in conducting. Along with the courses needed a composer also needs the abilities to play write and conduct music, but it is also recommended to know how to play certain instruments like piano. With being a clinician or a popular music composer, their work schedule is about the same with a regular work day, but an optional  home office.

I have always had a passion for being creative, and I have developed a passion for music, and I wish to pursue a career that inspires both. With also a recent spike in electronic dance music (EDM), it has gained popularity and has gained my attention with vibrant melody lines, fast pace bass lines, and all sorts of different styles, it’s a true inspiration to me. While one artist by the name of Zedd has also inspired me to pursue a career in composing, so that I can inspire others like how Zedd inspired me, with the creative passion on music.

Expository writing is one of the most popular methods of written communication. Students spend a majority of their time in language studies learning how to correctly compose and execute different types of expository essays, including how-to guides, persuasive pieces and straight non-fiction works. Though the format is strictly non-fiction, the content can be creative as long as it is truthful. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed if explained and backed up by sources.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is an important form of expository writing in which you fashion your plea for government or private money into a persuasive essay. Grant proposals cover the backgrounds of organizations seeking funds, their work in the community and in their fields and tries to impress would-be investors with their accomplishments. Grants must be specific and airtight. The grant project must be explained thoroughly, including its premise, its mechanics and why it is necessary. The grant writer tries to convince investors to support a project.

Technical Writing

Technical writing requires specific attention to detail and allows for little creativity. Technical writers create how-to guides for many subjects. Most technical writers work for small companies or larger corporations and serve as a liaison between the company and its workers and supporters. They explain to the outside world the mechanics of the skills being employed by the workers. Technical writing often appears in trade magazines, journals and inter-disciplinary memos.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is most often associated with school work, but is also important when a young professor or adjunct is explaining their work to the common audience. They must translate experiments, theories and results into lay language. Sticking to the facts while also attempting to make the material interesting can be challenging. Many authors outside the academic realm employ creative non-fiction, which is a type of expository writing in which the writer infuses a topic with personal detail and storytelling in an essay form.


Reporters and columnists use expository writing on a daily basis. Straight news reporters try to provide details while bringing understanding to the larger issues. Columnists must use facts and figures and back up their opinions so that their audiences find their arguments persuasive.

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