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Homework Log For 2nd Grade

Second Grade Homework Policy and Assignments


Reading:Students are expected to read 20 minutes each night.  Students are to complete the reading log to show their reading and get a parent signature to verify their reading time. This log is to be turned in each day to the student's homeroom teacher.


Click here for a copy of the Reading Log


Spelling:Students have spelling homework each night Monday-Thursday ever week.  These assignments are to be turned in each morning with the reading log for the teacher to check.


            Assignment                                                                                                Example
Monday -      write words 2 times each                                                                   1. cat, cat   2. run, run
Tuesday -      put words in alphabetical (ABC) order                                                cat, run, stand, that
Wednesday - use each word in a sentence                                                              The cat purred when I pet him.
Thursday -    practice words by doing a pretest at home
 Friday -          none


Click here for this week's spelling list



Writing/Science/Social Studies: Teachers may occassionally assign homework in these areas on an as-needed basis.  In this case, the exact directions and due dates will be sent home with the assignment.






Homework Policy:

I typically assign some homework every night.  The homework is usually math, and at home reading.  Students in 5th grade should be taking no more than 50 minutes to complete homework each night.


In addition to assigned work for homework, students should be doing independent reading each night and recording it on their at home reading calendar.  Reading calendars are handed in at the beginning of the next month.  Reading for assignments, research on the computer and/or reading to a younger sibling may be counted as reading time on the calendar. 


If your child is taking more than 50 minutes to complete his/her assignments, please notify me via note, email (cliberatore@qcsd.org ), or phone so that I can work with your child on their study and work habits and troublesome assignments. 


If a student does  not hand in homework or has handed in homework that is of poor quality, I will have the student work during recess to make up the work or redo the work.  Homework not only helps the child manage time and show responsibility, but also gives the child practice in the skills and concepts that were taught in school. I understand that there are some nights when something comes up and some or all of the homework just did not get done.  If this happens please send me an email or hand written note and the homework can be made up at another time.

Study Buddies:

Each student has written the names of at least two students and their phone numbers in their assignment book.  In the event your child is absent, or missed an assignment, or does not understand an assignment, a study buddy can be called for help.  I encourage my students to be responsible about their schoolwork and homework.

25 Book Goal:

Each month your child will bring home an at-home reading calendar.  Every day (or night) your child is to record on the day's date block the number of minutes they read independently.  Once an entire book has been completed, your child is to record the title of the book, the date the book was completed, the total number of pages of the book and a parent must initial that they know the child read the book at the bottom of the calendar.  At home reading calendars are collected at the end of each month.  A parent's signature must be on the collected reading calendar.  I would expect your child to complete one-two 5th grade level book each month at home.  5th grade level books are typically 150-200 pages long. The 25 book goal is a PA state standard. If a student does not hand in a completed reading log, it is school policy to keep that student in for recess until they have completed the log.


Click on the link below for a new reading log calendar.


5th Grade Reading Log

  Read!  Read!  Read!

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