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Statistics On How Homework Causes Stress

When the lesson is about to end and the teacher announces homework requirements, they might think that a three or four session stuck behind more books and writing after school has finished is going to further their education. But piling on the homework will not help children advance in school, in fact, it could well have the reverse effect entirely.

Do you get too much homework?

A study by a group of Australian researchers found the average scores of relating to students’ academic performances against the amount of homework dished out at the end of the school day, showed clearly that when more time was spent on homework students were getting lower scores. The research clearly suggested that placing too much homework can cause lower grades and even lead pupils to begin suffering from depression.

Can homework cause depression? Yes, if a pupil is inundated with too much homework their life balance is thrown out of all proportion. All children and adults too should adopt an 8-8-8 circadian rhythm to life where eight hours work, eight hours play and eight hours rest (sleep) plays an important factor in how we all roll.

A typical school day might begin at 9 am and complete by 3.15pm, so piling on three hours of nightly homework means schoolchildren must endure seven hours at school (including traveling time) and three hours of homework, thus robbing the child of two hours downtime.

Often to make matters worse, teachers will give pupils homework that is both time-consuming and will undoubtedly keep them busy while being totally non-productive. Some examples include History teachers asking pupils to hand write (word for word) pages 113 to 139 of a textbook on The French Revolution. Such remedial homework will do nothing to improve pupil’s scores in exams or up their grades.

There is certainly no advocacy for the abolishing of homework here; simply that the amount and quality of a child’s extracurricular work after school be re-examined. Good quality homework practices have been adopted in Finland where schoolchildren were given just 30 minutes per night to spend on homework and none at weekends. The kids were stress-free and scored highly in their grades.

Many parents are even beginning to advocate time limits on a number of homework minutes dished out each night. Stress, depression and lower grades are the last things any parent wants for their child.

For those who wish to try and help themselves, there are lots of books and other material that can help combat stress and depression.

Show this page to your teachers and see what they say 🙂

Children have, for the last few decades, gone under the hammer, as far as studies are concerned. All subjects have undergone drastic changes and elicit more and more labor from students. What irritates more is the profusion of homework which is common anthem of schools universally.

  • Statistical information
  • Psychologists feel, according to statistics, that ideally middle school students should get half an hour of writing work every day. Anything more than that and their systems get twisted. Ones reading in Class 2 or in lower classes should only be allotted 1-1.5 hours of homework per week. Reality check offers a different reading.

    The additional work is a real burden for almost half the students reading at the moment; the tentative percentage being 45%. 25% parents feel the pangs and continually face distracted and frustrated kids at home; a sight which is never a cynosure.

  • The facts which ail kids
  • These are all expository facts; paved by statistics carried by surveys done by accredited agencies. It is actually wondrous how we declare children to be the beacons of the future and yet place them under such stress at the beginning of their lives that their perspectives for life automatically changes and they become naturally resentful.

  • A logical viewpoint
  • Yes, one has to take a logical viewpoint. Homework is a necessary element of studies and keeps the students updated with what they read in school. It also keeps students disciplined and focused and instills a methodology even in the most reluctant students. Therefore, it cannot be altogether bypassed.

  • A convenient atmosphere
  • What is necessary is to jot down a system whereby students get their necessary quota of homework but not anything excess to that. This way, they will be able to do their assignments; get some time to do extra reading and also enjoy some quality family time with parents, brothers and friends.

  • A sensitively important issue
  • This is a sensitively important issue and should be tackled on a priority basis by prominent educators of the day; throughout the world. Care should also be taken to make subjects like Math and Geography more interesting so that students do not feel the resonant stress of homework.

  • Controlling the tide
  • The river has flown; we should not just wait for the tide; we should endeavor to control it; otherwise our kids will float or sink in the rising waves of the oceanic storm called homework. It is time to do something positive for the future of tomorrow.

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