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Cmis 102 Homework 3-6

Software Engineering Code of EthicsThe Association for Computing Machinery members established the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice to standardize the teaching and practices of software engineering profession. The Code of Ethics directs the decisions of members in the software profession and is categorized into eight principles: public, client and employer, product, judgment, management, profession, colleges, and self. I will describe two of the principles and provide examples with evidence to support and examples of violations to those principles.Description of the Two Principles:1.Product: Anytime someone is working to design, produce and provide a service to the public, they should uphold quality standards. For example, while a computer programmer named Dan is working on code for gaming software, he should adhere to thetime requirements of the release date. During the coding, Dan ran into an issue with the code.

CMIS 102 Homework 4 I wanted to create a very simple code that incorporated what we learned this week with a single input value, so I decided to create a simple function that can assist people with a mathematical equation for finding the square root of any positive number that a user inputs into the program. As mentioned in the discussion board posts by some of my fellow students, it took some time and effort to determine where each piece must fit. I decided to plug the float statement before “int main()”:Once I had defined the function, I then needed to set up what the function was to do after “return 0;”:The last part of the code I had to incorporate was calling the function within the program itself:The C code that I developed is very simple, as the homework prescribed, and it utilizes the most basic of principles for using functions within C code. Below is a snapshot of my entire code.

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