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Argumentative Essay On Violent Video Games Should Be Banned


in a game. It may distort their perception of reality, and confuse them about what is acceptable and justifiableand what is not. In contrast, any sort of fantasy monsters or androids will be excluded from the ban. Childrenwho play video games are able to understand the distinction between the reality and the made-up reality inthe video games where fantasy creatures are involved. However, when humans come into the picture, thisconcept may be more difficult to grasp, and therefore, children should be restricted from being able to purchase such video games and play them without the consent with their parent.It is true that video game industry already rates its games, so that people, and especially parent, canorient themselves in the matter of which games are appropriate for which age group. These ratings serve as aguidance for finding the appropriate age boundary for each game. In the US, these rating are set by theEntertainment Software Rating Board. Ratings distinguish age groups such as 12+, 15+, 17+, or adults only.In addition, they present information about explicit content including violence and sexual content. Thecurrent ratings are useful in rough understanding of which games are suitable for children, and which theyshould be allowed to play. However, they do not actually restrict selling inappropriate games to children.They merely caution of inappropriate content. The problem with ESRB is also that the game industry choosewhich restrictions provided by ESRB it will place on the package of the games. There is a certain number of restrictions that must be there, but in the end this restrain is voluntary, so they may decide which of them will be disclosed on the package (Hutchison, 2007)

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Therefore, not all information may be presented.Due to the ratings acting only as a guidance, parents might not be cautious enough about the contentsof the game that they are buying. “Parents mistakenly assume that just because video games are marketed tothe kids, they are appropriate for kids. This is not so.” (Carpenter, & Ferguson, 2009)


. This banwould help parents understand that they should pay more attention to the content of certain games, that theylet their children play. Until reaching the 18


year of life, parents serve as guardians, and they takeresponsibility for their child's development. The ban of video games would help the parents to protect andcontrol the development of their children in moral terms. Very often, children play games during the timesthat their parents are not at home. So, it is hard to keep track of what games the children are playing, andoften the parents might not be even aware of it. There are many ways of parental control for the consolesand computers, but it is easy for children to overcome that with the help of internet.



Thank You!
Reason 1
Firstly video games should be banned because they are way to violent and are an extremely bad influence on younger children.When children play violent video games they find it fun so they copy what the charechters do and grow up to be a violent person.But if we ban video games younger children will not experience violence in a fun way and will grow up to be a kind person.
Reason 2
We should ban all video games because to many kids are getting obease and over-weight.Australia is one of the most in the nation of fat and obease children.You may think that being fat isn't such a big deal but it can lead to some pretty serious problems.Such as diabeties and some pretty major health problems that could eventually kill you.If we ban video games children will spend more time sosallizing and playing sport.Scientific research shows that kids should be getting at least an hour of sport a day.
Reason 3
Thirdly video games should be banned because kids need to spend more time sosallizing with other kids, playing sport, iteracting with one antother and so on.If kids don't sosallize and interact we will not have any friends (apart from the gaming system) and will grow up sad and lonely but if we get rid of them kids will get to know each other better and we will have many close friends.
Reason 4
Video games should be banned because they are rotting kids brains in many ways.Although games with adventourous levels seem to be the most enjoyable not being able to complete these levels is extremely frustrating and before you know it you've wasted the whole day trying to complete 1 level because these games are super adictive.
Video games all around the world are creating bad influences on kids making many children fat and obease and are really addictive and those are just few of the many reasons why video games should be banned!!!!!

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