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Eng001 Assignment 1 Solution 2012 Calendar

Solution Required.. fall 17-11-14

Q2. Content-writers mostly use first and second person; whereas a writer for a newspaper would use an objective tone (third-person reporting). Read each text and determine/identify the tone of the writer.                                          (5 Marks)

 1.  Emma thought: How can I make people notice me?  Then, Emma's two twin nieces ran in the kitchen and asked Emma to make a batch of cookies for their class. She did, and the next day at the bake sale, lots of children and parents were buying her cookies.  

a)  First-Person                                  

b)  Second-Person                                

c)  Third-Person

2.  Timmy Turner was rushing to get to school because he was going on a field trip.  Timmy felt so happy and excited that he was going on his first field trip of the year.  Timmy thought that everything was going to go good that day.

a)  First-Person                                  

b)  Second-Person                                

c)  Third-Person

3.  First, you will need to wash your hands and gather all of your materials.  Once you've done that, follow all of the directions in your cookbook.  Put your crispy teats in the oven and cook for 30-35.  Once the treats are cooled, you and your friends can enjoy.  

a)  First-Person                                  

b) Second-Person

c)  Third-Person

4.  "Do you love candy?"  I asked my friend Rosen.

a) First-Person                                

b)  Second-Person                                

c)  Third-Person

5.  Jessie had felt sad all day.  Maria came in the door and asked what was wrong.  He told her that he felt being abandoned by everyone.  

a)  First-Person                                  

b)  Second-Person                                

c)  Third-Person

Presentation on theme: "Pearson Custom Computer Science CSC 104 Nassau Community College"— Presentation transcript:

1 Pearson Custom Computer Science CSC 104 Nassau Community College
Session 0 SyllabusCSC 104 Programming Logic and Problem SolvingPearson Custom Computer Science CSC 104 Nassau Community College

2 Course Logistics CSC 104 E1 – Programming Logic and Problem Solving
Course TitleCSC 104 E1 – Programming Logic andProblem SolvingDurationSeptember 2, 2014 – December 22, 2014 (see Fall 2014 Calendar)DaysTuesday :00AM-11:15AM B Cluster - Room 223 Wednesday 9:30AM-10:45AM B Cluster - Room 223CRN15084Credits3.0InstructorVincent CostaIM, Google+Office HoursRM C2078 Tuesday & Thursday 1:00PM-2:15 PM or or Google+

3 Course Overview and Description
The course is an introduction to programming logic and problem solving including programming concepts and terminology. The focus of the course is on critical thinking skills necessary to write computer programs and provides students with an introduction to programming without focusing on the details of programming syntax. This course is intended for students with little or no object-oriented programming experience. Students who have completed CMP 104 will not get credit for CSC 104. (3 lecture hours).Prerequisites: Satisfied all MAT, ENG 001 and RDG 001 remediation requirements prior to starting the course

4 Required TextAn Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2012 by David Schneider, 9th Edition, Pearson, 2013, ISBN-13: This is the full text and is not needed.You should get the Custom Edition, which only uses Chapters1-6, It has a Custom ISBN:This is sold only at NCC bookstore, $60However, if you want you can use the full text version or the electronic version which is $57.99

5 Required Text

6 Background Knowledge/Materials
Prior knowledge of navigating through a Windows environment, saving and locating files helpfulPrior knowledge of , using attachments and browsing the web helpfulWill need a USB external storage device (such as a flash drive or jump drive) to save their workWork at home: need to install Visual Studio, a web browser, and WinZip

7 Course Objectives & Philosophy
Focus on the problem solving and logic skills needed to write programsUnderstand the solutions to problems and how those solutions can be applied to new problemsExpose you to programming concepts and terminology (how to code)Introduce the abstract nature of object-oriented programming

8 Course Objectives & Philosophy
Computer programming is problem solvingA computer program is a set of instructions that tells the computer how to solve a problem using the limited tools and vocabulary that it understandsThe first step in learning how to program is to understand the problem being posed and figure out how it can be solved.

9 Course Objectives & Philosophy
Focus of the first third of this course will be on building problem solving skillsYou will be presented with a variety of problems, puzzles and games which you will solve without a computerPrepares you for the rest of the course during which you will use the problem solving skills you have developed to understand and create programs for the computer

10 Grades Assessment Points Exams (2 exams) 40% (20% each) Final Exam 25%
Homework35%Assignments not handed in by the due date will receive a grade of zero!

11 Tentative Outline Unit 1: Building Problem Solving Skills
Exam 1: 10/10Unit 2:Understanding Programming basics in Visual BasicExam 2: 11/14Unit 3:Programming in Visual BasicFinal Exam: 12/22Dates of exams may be adjusted to account for progress of the class as a whole

12 AttendanceYou are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time and stay until class is dismissedIt is your responsibility to find out what was covered in class and makeup any work missed as a result of an absence or lateness prior to the next class meetingYou are expected to hand in all assignments by the due date regardless of attendanceParticipation is important to fully appreciate the subject. If you cannot keep up with the sessions for some reason (travel, business commitments, etc.), please let me know

13 Make-UpsMakeup exams will be not given and missing an exam will result in a grade of zero If you can’t make and exam, contact me prior to missing the class and provide a valid, documented reason for missing an exam or assignmentIf you are absent on the day an assignment is due you are still responsible for handing in the assignment electronically before the deadline

14 Class Rules•  Unless specifically stated otherwise, assignments are to be completed individually. You are encouraged to discuss the understanding of a particular issue or class material with fellow students, but code and solutions have to be your own effortAcademic honesty is to be taken very seriously. If you submit work that references another person’s efforts, then you must properly attribute it to that person, otherwise it is plagiarism and you will receive zero credits and may be given an F for the course

15 WithdrawalThe last day to receive an automatic "W" for this class is October 10thHowever students may request a “W” any time prior to the final exam. To receive a "W" the student MUST file a signed drop/add form with the registrar.If a student does not file the appropriate paperwork and stops attending class, the student will receive a "UW" (Unofficial Withdrawal).A "UW" grade carries the same academic value as a failing grade ("F") when calculating the GPA

16 Computer Learning Center
Located in B225 andIt has all the necessary software for this courseA valid NCC ID is required to gain access to the learning center.You should also avail yourself of further study and/or educational assistance available thereThese services are to be considered an integral part of the course work and will help the student master the necessary knowledge and skills for this course

17 Disability StatementIf you have a physical, psychological, medical, or learning disability that may have an impact on your ability to carry out the assigned coursework, I urge you to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities(CSD), Building U,( ),TTY(516)The counselors at CSD will review your concerns and determine reasonable accommodations you are entitled to by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973All information and documentation pertaining to personal disabilities (diagnoses) will be kept confidential

18 Simple Ground Rules Cell Phones – “Vibrate” or “Airplane Mode”
Distractions – Twitter, Facebook, Mail, YouTube, Google, DiigoSmart Spaces – Twitter, Mail, YouTube, Google, DiigoDon’t Cheat – selfishnessCollaborate – selflessnessBe Mindfall – Observe, Absorb, Don’t JudgeNo Hacking – Be respectful

19 Questions Any questions? There are no dumb questions
Use the Internet for questions (IM, Discussion Board, ) if necessary

20 Welcome! So welcome to the class. I hope you enjoy it.
Work hard and have fun!

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