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Rebelliousness Essay

All children rebel. And if you don’t believe this fact, then you’ve never raised a two year old. It’s called the ‘terrible twos’ for a reason, after all. The toddler wants to assert his own rights and does so by challenging authority. My niece, who I adore, does so at the top of her lungs. I can’t wait until she turns three. But I also wonder how she will begin to challenge authority later in life. How will she rebel when she is a teenager and she has access to money and a car? It makes me worry. Still, every person goes through puberty and most come through unscathed. But parents need to know why teenagers rebel and how they might rebel, in order to be prepared.

The causes of teenage rebellion aren’t that complex. In order to become fully-functional adults, children need to separate themselves from dependency on adults. They need to assert themselves as grown human beings with thoughts and ideas of their own, that may be different from the generation that came before them. This is a normal part of development and can appear in two different types. Teenagers can rebel against society (non-conformity rebellious acts) or against adult authority (non-compliance rebellious acts) on either a large or small scale.

I’m sure when I became vegetarian at age sixteen, my parents saw this as an act of teenage rebellion. I was rejecting their views on animal rights, cooking, and diet and branching off on my own. Of course, this act of rebellion was not highly worrisome as it did not harm myself or others. But rebellious acts are simply anything out of the norm. A Christian child who stops going to church can be viewed as rebellious. An A+ student who stops studying can also be seen as rebelling. Other rebellious acts can be more extreme however. These actions can include sexual promiscuity, drugs, gambling, crime, skipping school, smoking, or suicide attempts.

The effects of teenage rebellion can be both positive and negative. Acting against the norm can help an individual find themselves, by branching out in new areas and discovering what they want to do with their life. They can help learn about their own values, gain new friendships, and discover talents. But the flaw in teenage rebellion is that sometimes, as Carl E. Pickhardt states, teenagers “can rebel against their own self-interests.” Since the human brain doesn’t finish developing until age 25 – long after adolescence – teenagers can’t always see the consequences of their own actions. They might end up ‘sacrificing their future self’ by ending up with a criminal record, an eating disorder, an addiction, or even a pregnancy.

Thus parents have a difficult duty during the teenage years. They need to give their adolescent time and room to explore and grow, without giving up all parental controls. Teenagers should be allowed to make some mistakes, but not ones that will affect their future in a negative way.

Teenagers Rebellion Essay

All teenagers rebel. Teenagers rebellion is not that complicated for parents to control. There are many types of acts of teenage rebellion. For an example, a student that always gets straight A's that stops studying can be seen as rebellion. A boy who helps out in the house but then he stops; can also be seen as rebellion. Teenagers rebellion can be both beneficial and harmful to a teen's maturation process. During teen's maturation, parents should be more focused on their children because they have a lot of questions about adult life. Normally, teenagers are naïve to see their own consequences. It is okay to make mistakes, but not the mistakes that can make you regret in the future. Therefore, parents should be guiding their teenagers into the positive side; instead of letting those naïve teenagers get into harmful things that can affect their future. I believe teenage rebellion is harmful to a teen's maturation process. It is a way for teens to search for their independence.
In the memories of my teenage years, I often rebelled against my parents because I felt like I needed more free time from school and house chores. I began to rebel against them by starting an argument about things that I can do and cannot do in the house. After, I started to rebel by not going to class without them noticing. How did I manage to do that? First, I started to sneaking out of school a couple of times after my dad drop me off. I did not get caught from him. Then I started repeating this action again and again to hang out with my friends in the arcade place near the school. During those times, my dad did not really have time to take care of me, so I began to feel more like I have all the freedom that others are dreaming for in their teenage years. I got to admit that it feels like the most exciting moment that I never had in my life before. The feeling that you get when you have all the ability to do whatever you want because nobody cared.
There were many consequences that I had to take after my parents found out about me and skipping school. One of the consequences was a lecture from my parents and I got so many bruises from the stick that my dad hit me with. Even though some of the consequences resulted in me nearly getting kicked out of school, it made me realize and learn many things about my own mistakes. One thing that I know for sure is that teenage rebellion is harmful because it ruined my life as a student. The consequences of my teenage rebellion phase gave me a hint that the adult life I imagine in my head is very different from reality. It made me realize that its a guilty pleasure type of moment; as I was having the best time of my life as a teen, I was also wasting time as a scholar. By the time I learned all of my mistakes, I already lost so many friends in school because of my absented from school.
This kind of teenage rebellion is harmful because it can affect those teens in many different ways. For...

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