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Wing Chun For Beginners Lesson 25 Homework

Lakeland After School Martial Arts PICKUP

Multi-family discounts and 5 Days a week pickup, Our Downtown Lakeland After School program shuttles kids from all over lakeland. Our lakeland after school martial arts program teaches kids wing chun kung fu, kickboxing, and karate. Teaming up with Just Dance years ago to provide professional dance, fine arts, manners and etiquette. Sign Up Now

Sifu Och Afterschool PICKUP (Just dance & martial arts)

  • NO ADDITIONAL COSTfor early release, teacher work days, holiday camps, or belt testing, flat rate cost all school year,  5 days a week pickup
  • Professional Dance, Kids Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Kids fitness, discipline, confidence, self defense
  • Anti-bully martial arts & kids afterschool dance
  • All employees background checked
  • Kickboxing, Karate, Hip Hop, Ballroom classes
  • Home respect, self esteem, self protection
  • Manners, Etiquette, Fine arts, painting classes

Lakeland Martial Arts and Just Dance staff

USA WORLD VING TSUN ASSOCIATION SOUTHEASTERN USA REGIONAL DIRECTOR, 5th Degree Wing Chun Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och, Trained in over 14 countries Worldwide, International Hall of Fame, teaching kids self defense since 2002. Christian Martial Arts Leadership Award. Teaching the entire System certified under 4x Ip Man Lineages.

JUST DANCE 17+ year Certified Instructor Kevin Rios – Certified Ballroom Dance instructor, Arthur Murray International associate certification. Qualifier from DIVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association). Head dance instructor of Just Dance Academy and Etiquette.  Training adults and kids in Award winning hip hop, ballroom, salsa, tango, lyrical, ballet, creative movement.

BUSINESS MANAGER, spanish teacher/art  Maria Torres, Latin chamber of commerce, Downtown lakeland partnership, council member and lakeland police department associate.  She manages the business of Just Dance and Sifu Och Wing Chun after school martial arts but at her heart loves the children, there growth, and the development that is offered here.

35yr POLK TEACHER / TUTOR / ART & Etiquette Instructor Lynda Taylor – 35 year polk county school teacher, retired to teach and tutor children.  Raising academic grades and children’s understanding. Certified Etiquette instructor though the Academy of Etiquette and Protocol in Orlando. A degree from USF and co-owner of Just Dance Academy of Dance and Etiquette.

CULINARY / ART Instructor & ACTIVITIES Coordinator Glenda White – activities coordinator for over 20+ years for Vacation Bible schools, Church functions, Wedding Coordinator, directing & decorating for all our theme parties and formal graduation events. Heads the culinary program children learn cleaniness, baking, kitchen safety and structured organization.


SIFU OCH WING CHUN anti-bully martial arts classes. Our after school martial arts program is like learning a new language or instrument, there will be days where your child will soar and there will be days where they might get frustrated, this is where you come in. Your commitment to your child’s progress is imperative. This is a school that seeks to uplift and enrich them every day. Sign Up Now

BUILDING A No quit attitude

Throughout your child’s life they will either push and strive forward or give up when things get tough.  What mind set are you going to instill?  What mindset is the environment around your child instilling?

School is hard and you don’t let them quit.  Why would you let your child give up on building strength, confidence, and personal protection. 


There are many martial arts afterschool programs in lakeland florida, but none like Sifu Och Wing Chun and Just Dance. With professional instructors seasoned and certified in their fields of expertise. Offering professionals in dance, hip hop, ballroom, theatre, painting, culinary, design, etiquette, martial arts, and kung fu. Providing children with homework assistance.  Sign Up Now

Sifu Och Afterschool Martial Arts program

Professional Instructors teaching kids

Here your child is cherished, taught, uplifted and encouraged through structure, advanced education, focus and proven applications and programs suited to deliver the best results possible for each child. We work with them in every class to increase their understanding, ability, safety, self esteem and respect.  Introductory classes are available for beginners, even with no prior experience required! Sign Up Now


We have a program that is ideal for you and your child. This program is ideal for parents and kids who want to learn the safety, fun, focus and discipline of the martial arts. Kids learn extremely valuable life skills and anti-bully tactics, while building confidence and self esteem.

“Your child can have unlimited potential, with a “Never give in, Never give up attitude” that will take them far in life.

Lakeland after school martial arts program

Multi-Child Discounts & Multi-Family Discounts, call for details!
After school pickup programs and kids martial arts after school
Get a Free Uniform and Belt with paid enrollment.

Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu
Call us: 863.800.0171
Sign Up Now
116 East Pine Street, Lakeland, FL 33801 (Downtown Lakeland)

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