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Custom Essay Outline

Thesis Statement, Essay Outline, Essay Proposal, and Annotated Bibliography Writing Services

Every good essay begins with a clear, concise thesis statement and an essay outline to work off of. A thesis statement is a single sentence (or two) that usually has one central theme and summarizes your argument, usually appearing within the first paragraph of the essay. An essay outline, on the other hand, is a general map or visual summary of your essay, in which the main body and sub-branches of your argument are listed and presented in a logical manner.

Why thesis statements are important:

● Thesis statements are important for defining the scope, focus, and direction of the essay, and are useful for informing readers as to the essay’s purpose and what to expect from the paper.

● A thesis also provides necessary restrictions for the writer, providing a clear bearing for their critical analysis and making it easier to construct a unified, organically developed paper that adheres to its subject matter and reads coherently.

● Since a writer’s topic is subject to change throughout the process of writing, it is helpful to keep the thesis statement flexible and revise it as necessary to reflect the process of research and discussion throughout the paper.

Essay outlines aid in the process of writing by keeping track of large amounts of information and providing a structure to work off of while writing. Below are some of the ways in which essay outlines are able to help you write different types of academic and professional papers:

● Creative assignments may utilize outlines that connect various plot details and character motivations, or include any useful secondary source material or criticism that pertains to the main body of the text.

● Argumentative and research papers benefit from essay outlines because they provide supplementary detail, data, and other examples that support the writer’s position or findings.

A good essay outline lists the writer’s main argument, topics to discuss, and relevant supporting material in a logical, organized form. An essay outline can help you define your areas of research, keeping them within the scope of your paper throughout the writing process, and give you a general overview of the big picture you are attempting to create.

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