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Prg 420 Week 1 Individual Assignment Rubric

Create a program in Java™ that displays “Hello world!”. Either a GUI (graphic user interface) program or non-GUI program is acceptable.

Upon successful execution, you will see the words “Hello World” appears. Take a graphic screen shot that shows the program’s successful compilation and execution. Save the screen shot in a .bmp, .jpg or .gif file.

Because NetBeans produces multiple files for one project, the best method to submit an assignment is to zip the files. There should be one project folder created by NetBeans using your project name. Zip the folder. Submit your NetBeans project zip file along with the screen shot.

Note: No points will be awarded for submitting the program alone.

How to program

import java.awt.FlowLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JLabel; import javax.swing.WindowConstants; /** * The HelloWorld class implements an application that * display message "Hello World!" on the screen */ public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello world!"); } }

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This assignment includes a zip file.

  • Attachments
    • PRG-420-Week-1-Individual-Assignment.zip (149.30 KB)
      • Netbeans Project
        • HelloWorld
          • build
            • classes
              • .netbeans_automatic_build
              • .netbeans_update_resources
              • HelloWorld.class
          • build.xml
          • manifest.mf
          • nbproject
            • build-impl.xml
            • genfiles.properties
            • private
              • private.properties
              • private.xml
            • project.properties
            • project.xml
          • src
      • PRG-420-Week-1-Individual-Assignment.jpg

    Preview random excerpt

    xxxxxx xxxx.xxx.xxxxxxxxxx;

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    xxxxxx xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxx;


    javax.swing.JFrame; import




    .JLabel; import javax.


    .WindowConstants; public


    HelloWorld {


    static void main(String[]


    ) {






    ); }


    - - - more text follows - - -

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PRG/420 Week 4


Are you using Netbeans? Please confirm that JavaDB server is running. You can check this by going to the Services tab-> Databases -> Java DB -> Right click -> Start server

NOTE: Java files can be fournd in the src folder in the zip file.


Individual:Salesperson Java Application Part III
Modify the Week Three Java application using NetBeans IDE to meet these additional and changed business requirements:
      • The application will now compare the total annual compensation of at least

         two salespersons.
      • It will calculate the additional amount of sales that each salesperson must

          achieve to match or exceed the higher of the two earners.
      • The application should ask for the name of each salesperson being compared.

The Java application should also meet these technical requirements:
      • The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application's

           controlling class.
      • The source code must demonstrate the use of Array or ArrayList.
      • There should be proper documentation in the source code.
Submit your Java application file using the Assignment Files tab.


Learning Team:Week Four Quality Control Sheet Review
As one of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, you must design and develop a computer program using professional principles and standards.
      • Complete an evaluation of each team member's Week # 2 Individual program

          assignment using the Peer-Review/QC form your team developed in Week

          Two. All team members must review all other team members Week #2

          Individual programming assignment.
Consider the following:
      • Make sure that the source code submitted for evaluation is the same one that

          is submitted for the Individual assignment.
      • DO NOT Review Programming Assignments that have not being graded

          yet, only submit for review your Week #2 Individual Programming Assignment.
      • As a team, agree on a deadline for members to have the evaluations

          completed. This is necessary so the team has time to compile all members'

          evaluations. Team members who do not meet the evaluation deadline will not

           receive full credit for this assignment.
      • Each Learning Team should organize their input and submit ONE Excel file only.

          Use of tabs is recommended.
       • Note that using pop-up comments (such as <SHIFT-F2> in Microsoft Excel) is not

          acceptable. Team members are encouraged to provide unique comments for

           each other. As a team, share your ideas with each other and create one

           common Peer-Review/QC Form that your team will use. Your final Peer-

Review/QC Form should be compiled in Microsoft Excel and MUST include the following:
      • Areas to enter the evaluator's name, the name of the program being

          evaluated, and the date the program is received
      • A set of detailed criteria for reviews, comments, and improvement.
      • Areas for detailed evaluation comments, suggestions, ideas,

          recommendations, etc.
      • Add to the Peer-Review/QC Forms other elements of coding and

         programming best practices as the Team see appropriate

Submit your Learning Team's final Peer-Review/QC Form to your instructor. Only ONE Peer-Review/QC Form/Excel File must be submitted for grading.


Supporting Activity:Savings Account
You are a bank manager and you are helping a new bank teller understand the kind of accounts the bank offers. If a customer comes in asking to open a new savings account, the teller needs to ask what kind of account--passbook savings or certificate of deposit--the customer would like to open. Remind the customer that all accounts with our bank are insured by the FDIC. You should explain that all accounts earn some interest; a savings account's interest is compounded monthly. You should assign a unique account number after accepting the customer's initial deposit. If the
customer chooses to receive statements electronically, the system will send an e-mail with a monthly statement; if the customer chooses not to, then a paper statement will be sent by mail quarterly.
If savings account is a class, give an example of each of the following as it relates to that savings account. Explain your reasoning behind your example.
• Superclass
• Subclass


Supporting Activity:“is-a”
Using an example from your work or daily life, describe an "is-a" relationship. Why is an "is-a" relationship important when designing an inheritance between classes? What are the differences between "is-a" and "has-a" relationship?


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