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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Examination Essay

Basically, standardized testing is a way to determine the academic achievement and potential of students. But when the skills of American students were ranked against others around the world, America didn’t even rank in the top tier.

When George W. Bush was president, he announced his No Child Left Behind program on his third day in office. With the addition of this program, federally mandated tests increased from six to 17.

Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, emphasized during his campaign the absurdity of heavy testing. But when he assumed office, he introduced his own initiative called the Common Core state standards. While there was nothing wrong with the concepts, the system is very flawed. A lot of the tests given are also very challenging but at the same time, they don’t really reflect a student’s ability.

Standardized testing has been implemented for over a decade, but according to studies, the achievement gap still hasn’t narrowed. In fact, students, parents and even teachers are opting out of the Common Core exams. The numbers are continuing to grow, and just recently, Missouri Legislature banned the test.

But why are legislators still pushing for standardized tests despite the protests? And why are parents, teachers and students not interested in taking them? Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of standardized testing.

Advantages of Standardized Testing

1. A practical solution.
First off, most of the standardized tests are in multiple choice format. In other words, they are not complicated enough to explain and any student – no matter what level – can understand that they have to tick one of the boxes as their answer.

Also, given that tests are easy to implement, they save a lot of time too. Not a lot of time is wasted on giving explanations for why certain sections should be done like this and so. The instructions are fairly simple: choose the answer to the question based on the suggestions below.

2. Results are quantifiable.
When educators are able to quantify the achievement of students, they are able to identify proficiency levels. As such, they can easily identify the students who need remediation or advancement.

However, this is also one of the major complaints about testing: that it truly does not measure the actual skill of a student in a given subject. The outcry over the absurdity of standardized testing warranted it an 18-minute skewering on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. One of the most ludicrous points brought up was the inclusion of a story about a talking pineapple to which children had to answer questions after having gone through the piece.

3. Scoring automation.
With so many students at different grade levels taking the exam, it’s difficult for educators to get through them all. Now, that problem has been simplified through computerized testing – and even scoring.

Then again, computer issues – inability to log on and such – have delayed testing in certain schools across America. In fact, it’s become one of the complaints against standardized testing as well. Also, another complaint about the use of computers is the algorithm for evaluating student performance itself: it is just mysterious.

4. Not biased.
Since a computer handles the grading and all, there is no possible influence of a teacher on the exams. In the past, a teacher can make up their mind about a student’s skills based solely on their biases towards the child. But with computers, those powers are stripped from them and students can now be judged on what they have put on paper – no external factors involved.

5. Allows for comparison.
Educators can compare the results of examinations within the school or even compare it to other schools. Through this, teachers can assess which areas they need to improve on for the students. For example, students from their school may have scored lower in mathematics compared to a rival school. From there, teachers can focus on improving the math curriculum so students will score better next time.

6. Traces student progress.
Standardized tests are taken at certain levels, and over that time, educators can see the progress students have made. They either go into decline or improve tremendously. But whichever the case, teachers now have an idea how best they would respond to a child’s education needs.

Disadvantages of Standardized Testing

1. Questions are general in nature.
The tests do not really assess skill as the questions have to be generalized for the entire population. In short, the test items are not in conjunction with classroom skills and behavior. What standardized tests do is assess the general knowledge and understanding of students rather than their actual ability.

2. Questions are sometimes ridiculous.
Some of the ridiculousness was brought up in John Oliver’s show, and that included questions that were too difficult to comprehend. For instance, a teacher took the exam (not the exact one but something that was close to a legal standardized exam) and the test graded him as a poor reader. What’s worse, the teacher had a Master’s degree.

A fifth-grade teacher in New York also highlighted just how difficult some of the questions are. For example, only six students out of 17 finished an ELA test but the ones who didn’t finish were those the teacher considered avid readers. The teacher declared that “There was just far too much material on the test for them to get through and comprehend.” And also added, “The test isn’t designed for them to pass.”

3. Results doesn’t allow educators to update their instruction methods.
The questions on the test are general in nature, and it’s hard for teachers to know how to improve students’ understanding of a particular topic based on general information alone. What this does though is allowing teachers to “teach to the test” rather than educate students properly based on the needs of the classroom.

4. Scores are influenced by external factors like fatigue.
Students study hard for these exams. They study so hard that there are even instructions on what teachers should do if a student vomits on their test booklets. Students feel pressured taking these exams and sometimes their final scores are reflective not of their ability but of being influenced by other factors instead.

As a student like me,an exam is very important to get any certificate. So in this article I want to give some of my opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of the exam.

Exam is one of the tests for someone who is a student. It aims to test how students display and use their talents and abilities derived from the courtesy of teachers who teach and also the student's day-to-day studies filled by reviewing and reviewing the lessons.

Examine not only disputes the ability of a student but also tests the minds of students to be physically minded and not moist in making any answers on the examination papers. It teaches every student to be cautious when responding to a given question by using our minds to recall what the teacher has taught and explained in the classroom.

Exam results whether passing or failing are dependent on oneself. If a student learns without the attention of enough and lazy to do the work given by the teacher and lazy to open the book, it turns out that this student will get a reasonable result with his lazy learning habits that fail.

Otherwise if a student learns diligently, what the teacher teaches to penetrate into his / her healthy and healthy brain, always adhere to the teacher's direction and send work at a set time, such students will always be the child's hopes of the school and become the pride of his parents.
Excellent students will surely make their parents proud and lucky to have such a child as attentive and caring about the lessons. At least the brilliant student did not waste the sacrifice of parents who worked hard daytime even though the day went by, the weather changed colorlessly just because they wanted to get school funding.

Some students do not appreciate their learning times and often humiliate their teachers simply because they are lazy and always skipping the class for a momentary freedom. They just want freedom even though their lessons are neglected and are not necessarily an increase. At that young age they did not focus on the knowledge that they would wear when they were older. How do they want to help those who are unemployed if there is no parent?

Does not claim that science is obligatory for every Muslim who is a student? If it's been categorized as what else he needs to do besides studying hard to realize the ideals and dreams of our parents who always build hope to see us be at the top of success.

The exam is an important point throughout the time we learn and gain experience because if it's a good decision then we will continue to go forward but if instead we are going to be steadfastly tuned in the middle of the road.

Here I would like to show you the benefits of the exam to students, namely:

  1. Large tests are likely to be able to stimulate students to learn and work diligently in order to pursue ambitions and become highly qualified people. Sometimes the exams are able to transform a student who is unethical and stupid to the admired and high-achieving students because through our examinations we will be able to learn the importance of knowledge and indeed we will be able to evaluate and feel that our efforts are in the hands of our teachers and our constant care night just because you want to review it is not worth it.

  2. Exams can teach a student that knowledge is the key to success. Before we succeed in achieving our goals, of course, there are many future expectations as there is a student with a liquid brain that is a rival. Of course, they will encounter many hardships for having the same intelligence. The exam will give us the opportunity to assess and examine the abilities and talents of a student.

  3. Examinations can also improve the position of the weak students because with the impetus and the perfect discipline they will be stimulated to begin their success through the examination and after the first and subsequent attempts they will not be likely to be in the middle again.

  4. Examinations are also categorized as a lesson because students will be able to correct mistakes that have been made during writing or reading.

The disadvantages are also many such as:

  1. Exams can put pressure on students who are mentally ill because day and night, every day and every time, only one job is reading, studying, reading, learning. Therefore, parents and teachers are urgently needed to help the student avoid any emotional stress in the area of ​​learning.

  2. Exams can also damage the happiness of a student because sometimes parents often do not care about and do not give moral support to their own children. Even worse, the student has never felt the love of his parents who just want to be proud and arrogant of the decisions his son holds.

  3. The student's health can also be affected if it is always a waste of time to eat because of a review. Would not it be worthless if the student was asleep for not sleeping or being unwell so did not attend the examination hall.

That's the goodness and the badness I can describe. Here I want to emphasize that someone who is a student should know the meaning of the exam in order to achieve a great ambition.

~If you're born poor,it's not your mistake.But, if you dead in poor ,it's your mistake.~

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