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Letter To My Future Self Assignment Magazine

Things to write to your future self:

Here are a few ideas that I tend to write about, you are welcome to add your own ideas to the mix as well.

  • How you are currently
  • How you've been feeling lately
  • What projects you're currently doing 
  • What you look forward to from yourself a year from now
  • Encouraging words and love from yourself to yourself
  • Your relationships and your gratitude towards them
  • Where you aim to be in a year: professionally, financially, project-wise, skill-level, etc.
  • What you aim to do now to get you to where you want to be.
  • Wrap up with words you would say to someone you hold in high-esteem, directed to yourself.

This little practice is a neat way to send yourself much needed love and affection. It's a form of self-care, but it's also a practice that allows you to delve into the things you may be putting off thinking about or creating an action plan, such as breaking down your goals. It doesn't have to be a novel-length thing for it to make an impact or to get the gears turning in your mind.

Imagine you're writing to your best friend, or someone that you're always excited to talk to. Share your excitement with them, that is, with yourself. We are the only person with us our entire lives from day one. Day in and day out, we are the ones who we wake up to every single day.

Wouldn't life be more enjoyable if we treated ourselves with as much kindness as we treat others? If not more, perhaps. If you're forgiving of others, but hard on yourself, try this exercise to give yourself that TLC you're probably craving. We could all use a little more tenderness to ourselves, from ourselves.

Writing a letter to yourself is a sweet treat that you give to yourself because in a year, anything can happen, it's fun to imagine the possibilities and to see how reality unfolds. 

Do you write letters to your future self?

  • 1

    Choose an age. Before doing anything else, decide how old you want your future self to be when you read this letter. You may want to read the letter when you’re 18, 25, or 30 years old. Choosing an age will help you define the goals you want to achieve by that time in your life.[1]
    • You may want to choose an age that puts you in different circumstances than you are currently in. If you write the letter as a freshman in high school and read it when you’re in college, you’ll be able to see how much your life has changed and whether or not your goals have been met.
  • 2

    Be casual. You’re writing this letter to yourself, so don’t feel you have to take a formal tone. Write as though you are talking to your best friend.[2]
    • When talking about your current self in this letter, use “I” language. When talking about your future self in this letter, use “you” language.
  • 3

    Summarize your current self. Your letter should start with a quick reminder of who you currently are. Think about mentioning your recent accomplishments, such as a 4.0 GPA, and current interests, including extracurricular activities. This will allow you to see how much your life has changed since you wrote the letter.[3]

  • 4

    Note your fears. Think about fears you may have, such as speaking in front of a group, moving out after high school, or not getting accepted at the college you want to go to. You’ll be able to see if you’ve overcome these issues in the future. Also, thinking about them now may help you realize that they may not be so bad after all, or even help you come up with strategies to cope or a backup plan.[4]

  • 5

    Identify your key values and beliefs. Ask yourself what guides the current you. Your belief system (whether religious or secular) and your personal code of ethics play a large role in your actions. Making yourself conscious of your values can help shape your ideas of who you want to be in the future.[5]
    • Include information about your church, if you belong to one, or values like accepting everyone’s faith, or lack thereof. Add morals that guide you, such as always being kind, or helping others in need.
  • 6

    Note your skills and abilities. Pick out a few skills or abilities you can clearly identify in your current life, like winning a tennis tournament, leading the marching band, or organizing school functions. You may be a great writer or excel at math. Thinking about what you are good at now can help you decide what you want to accomplish later in life.[6]

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    Define your goals and hopes. Write about things that are important to you now, such as playing varsity soccer or getting into a good college. You should also think about what you hope to accomplish in the future, such as travel to Europe, publish an article in a magazine, or get your band a gig.[7]

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