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Computer Science Dissertation Bsc


I'm currently studying computer science and I wish to specialise in bio-computing, I need to work on a project and write a dissertation for my degree and I was wondering if I could get some help in narrowing down which topics would be realistic. I have a basic background in biology and I'm interested in epigenetics so I wish to somehow incorporate that into my project. A software engineering based project would be preferred.

My current idea is to make a (visual?) tool based on Bayesian networks to predict likelihood of disease or expression of a gene associated with a disease based on already known links with e.g. high levels of methylation. Firstly is there much data available about these sorts of links? Is there a need for a tool like this? Is it feasible to estimate the likelihood of disease or at least suggest genes to target for study?

My second idea is also to create a tool to make a Boolean network model of gene regulatory networks and use methylation data to influence the GNR. Would there be a useful application of this in the real world?

I know very little details about both topics so I'm hoping this post hasn't just been a string of key words but actually makes sense!

Thank you in advance!

Software, Programming and Algorithm Dissertation Topics

Computer software, or any other types of software, is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform tasks or activities on a computer system. The term includes application software, such as word processors or dynamic websites, which perform productive tasks for users, system software such as operating systems, which interface with hardware to provide the necessary services for application software, database organisers to deal with big data and middleware which controls and co-ordinates distributed systems. Here are some original and relevant dissertation topics on software, programming and algorithm:

• Development of web based document management system by using markup languages like J2EE, XML and Microsoft SQL Server
• Development of room scheduling and work mapping system using software frameworks like Microsoft .NET Framework
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for computing association rules in certain environment
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for generating clusters
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for generating optimal and near optimal classification trees
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for computing association rules
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for generating clusters
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for generating optimal and near optimal classification trees
• Different techniques for designing intelligent interfaces for database systems, which provide a paradigm for programming databases without the knowledge of SQL and tables
• Fault-Tolerant Routing in interconnection networks with multiple passes and fixed control variables
• Fault-Tolerance analysis of sorting networks
• Analysis, design and implementation of web services security framework
• Hardware and/or high speed computer arithmetic using the residue number system
• Implementation and evaluation of fast algorithms for One-Way Hashing Functions
• Different techniques for testing embedded software systems
• Methods to design a dynamic proxy based architecture to support distributed java objects in a mobile environment
• Modular data serialization and mobile code
• Various ways to improve Open Web Architectures
• An adaptive web-based learning environment
• Transportation (Bus/Car/Taxi) tracking service: Design and implementation of a device independent passenger information system
• Development and evaluation of a scalable, fault tolerant telecommunications system using EJB and related technologies cryptographic access control for a network file system.
• Event-based middleware for collaborative ad hoc applications
• Proactive persistent agents – using situational intelligence to create support characters in character-centric computer games
• Develop Java Applets to investigate the feasibility of designing objects to be manufactured by specification through individual users via the web
• Development of distributed software environment by using Java RMI or alternative Java technologies, where users can work collaboratively on a project via the internet.
• Develop Java Programs for Applied Financial Systems like stock markets.
• Develop Web systems (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to structure intelligent rental car booking system
• Develop exercise-workout tracking app on Android/iOS

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